Professional Examination Application for Engineers or Surveyors


Make application for registration to NCEES using the Identification Number (ID) received when registered to take Fundamental Exam and make a payment in the amount of $250.00

  1. Complete the Professional Examination Application for Engineers and Surveyor with DIDAXIS (DAMS©).
  2. Make a payment to DIDAXIS for the rights corresponding to the Department of State in the amount of $ 240.00 – Professional Exam Engineers / $ 220.00 Professional Exam Surveyors
  3. Meet the following requirements:
    • Upload to DAMS© portal the original document received from NCEES or DEPARTMENT OF STATE as evidence that candidate passed the Fundamental Exam (FE or FS).
    • Upload to the portal the payment receipt with the identification number obtained when registering with NCEES.
    • Upload to the portal a recent digital photo (less than six-month-old) size 2 x 2 (passport type) scanned in color with a solid background (ex. Light blue or gray) in .jpeg, .jpg or .png format. PDF format is NOT accepted. The photo can be taken by the applicant with his electronic device and upload it to the portal in the space provided. No photo will be accepted with white background, with glasses and caps.
    • If you completed your studies in an institution outside of Puerto Rico or in the continental United States, you must submit an ABET credential evaluation issued by the only agency authorized by the Board: NCEES.

Importante Notice: The NCEES must send the original evaluation directly to the central offices of the Department of State of Puerto Rico. The candidate must ensure that DIDAXIS receives all documents before the due date.

  • Upload to the portal a Digital Copy of the Negative Certificate of Criminal Background of the place, city, country, or state of residence. If you are legal resident in Puerto Rico, then click HERE to request a certificate. The certificate is valid for 180 days. Our Board of Examiners accepts the certificate for six months in all their services.
  • Upload the form with the list with name, address and phone number of three (3) Engineers or Surveyor, as the case may be, licensed by the Board, with direct and personal knowledge about the moral reputation and professional experience, if any, of the applicant. Please click HERE to download and print the form. These people will be subject to the following:
    • They cannot be members of the Board, or relatives of the applicant within the fourth (4th) degree of consanguinity and the second by affinity.
    • They must have been informed by the applicant of their inclusion as references.
    • They must have their license and valid membership. References from engineers or surveyors whose license is expired or suspended will not be accepted.


If candidates do NOT meet the requirements, the application will NOT be approved, and candidate will NOT be able to take the exam. The candidate must ensure that DIDAXIS receives all documents before the deadline and is responsible for validating that the institution where they studied sent all official academic documentation directly to Didaxis, Inc. at the address provided.

Important: DIDAXIS will not accept photographed documents. Please scan them properly in PDF format. You should read and make sure you meet all the requirements to be able to continue with the application process. If you do not comply with the requirements and issue a payment, DIDAXIS WILL NOT REFUND THE CORRESPONDING FEE.

Engineer Professional Exam Application

Exam Cost: $240

Surveyor Professional Exam Application

Exam Cost: $220